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The Finnish Miracle - Hundred Years of Success

André Noël Chaker
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The Finnish Miracle was first published six years ago. This bestseller made its author André Noël Chaker, a Canadian-born lawyer and businessman, a very successful keynote speaker in Finland. Chaker won the titles of Speaker of the Year in 2012 and Moderator of the Year in 2015. Over the last five years, André Noël Chaker has visited more than 400 companies and organizations around Finland. He has seen and heard many new and insightful success stories which he has now captured in this new and inspiring book. His unique model for sustainable success - The Possibility Model - captures and reveals more insights into the fundamentals of long-term personal, social and corporate success.

Chaker argues that Finland's original national values and ways of doing things have given the country a competitive advantage in developing an enviable level of peace and sustainable prosperity over its one hundred years of national history. The Finnish Miracle - a Hundred Years of Success takes you on an unforgettable journey into Finnish trials and success stories that will inspire and awaken you to new avenues of personal and corporate achievement.

The Author, André Noël Chaker, is a Canadian and Finnish lawyer and businessman. He has been living in Finland for 25 years. As a New Finn, he has developed an enviable network across the highest levels of Finnish politics, business, the arts and sports. These inspiring Finns and people met during his visits to all parts of Finland have fueled his passion for Finland and for pondering on the reasons why some people and businesses succeed and others fail.

Julkaisuvuosi 2017
ISBN 978-952-14-3143-2
Kustantaja Alma Talent
Formaatti E-kirja, EPUB
Painos 2017
Sivumäärä 250
Kirjailijat Chaker, André Noël (Kirjoittaja)
Aihealueet Kaikki kirjat
Liiketoiminnan kehittäminen ja johtaminen
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