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Strategic thinking

Timo Santalainen
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Faced with a myriad of challenges, today's executives have an urgent need to strengthen their strategic capabilities. Responding to this need, Strategic Thinking by Timo Santalainen offers strategic thinking as a new perspective in strategic management. Strategic thinking requires managers to go beyond the standard tools and frameworks that have gained currency. Timo Santalainen asserts that tomorrow's success comes from managers being able to see beyond the immediate developments in their industry in order to identify and seize upon opportunities that can lead to sustained success over the long term. Santalainen's sharp, practical strategy tools and the numerous cases illustrated in the book add flavor and depth to the ideas presented.

Timo Santalainen, Dr. Sc. (Econ.) and Lic. Pol. Sc., has during his career approached strategic management and thinking from three perspectives: academia (A), practical business (B) and consulting (C). He currently works as President of STRATNET, a Geneva-based network of strategy advisors, and Adjunct Professor of Strategy and International Management at Helsinki School of Economics.

ISBN 978-952-14-1096-3
Kustantaja Alma Talent
Formaatti Kovakantinen kirja
Painos 2. tark. p, 2006
Sivumäärä 394
Kirjailijat Santalainen, Timo (Kirjoittaja)
Aihealueet Kaikki kirjat
Hinta 46,40 € 58,00 €

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