Bohobusiness Winning in the Age of Bohonomics

Cristina Andersson, Jari Kaivo-oja
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Will robots take over our jobs? In BohoBusiness, the authors Cristina Andersson and Jari Kaivo-oja present another vision – a vision where robots are partners that co-operate with people to create winning results and to build a better world. But we need Bohemians; people who are willing to use their creative capacities to innovate and co-create. Bohonomics means hybrid economics that is based on abundance rather than scarcity. The emerging innovations offer solutions to problems in ways we have never seen before.

Perhaps we are not all Bohemians but certainly most of us possess creativity and agility to tap into new ideas and create a life that we can call a good one. With the help of Bohemians man will be the victor and not the victim of robotics!

Ms Cristina Andersson is an award-winning expert of learning and coaching. She is a WinCoach, visionary and an energy mobiliser, a true renaissance woman, who has studied her topics widely through classical singing, inventorship, ice-hockey and participating in social activities. Her books include ie. The Winning Helix (in English and in Finnish) and a book of poems.

Mr Jari Kaivo-oja is Research Director of Finland Futures Research Centre, one of biggest foresight houses in Scandinavia. He is also Adjunct Professor at the University of Helsinki and at the University of Lapland. Currently he works in co-operation with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, one of the leading think tanks of the world. Believe or not, Mr Kaivo-oja is also a bohemian man – think-tanking new bohemian solutions to make a world a little better place for us.
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Cristina Andersson, Jari Kaivo-oja